"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
                                                                                                  Mary Oliver

You may be searching for a therapist for yourself or for your child; or, you may be looking for consultation or for helpful resources. The people who come to work with me usually are those who can't or won't follow the conventional path. Most of my work is with people dealing with trauma, life changes and relationship issues, and with those who are transgender or non-binary and/or autistic /neurodivergent. I am a somatic psychotherapist and include touch in my healing work when appropriate and requested by my clients. I also consult, write, and present on the intersections between trauma, gender diversity, neurodiversity, personal and social change and physical well-being.

My practice is often full and there is a waiting list. I do try to find referrals or fit in consultation sessions for individuals and families so that you have a plan or a next place to turn. I also can provide consultation for your current providers. Please  contact me if you have any questions.

Supporting Transgender Autistic Youth and Adults
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My book is available! 

You can order it from your local bookstore or from one of the largest companies in the world. Or you can buy it from a Black-owned bookstore or queer-owned bookstore!

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Training Video on Supporting Trans Autistic Folks

Last October, Nathan Dorcey A. Johnson and I provided this training for Visions Adolescent Treatment Centers. It is a 2-hour long introduction to working with folks living both trans/non-binary and autistic/neurodivergent lives.