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Therapy, Consulting and Training

Case Consultation for Families and Individuals

I offer planning and resource consultations for families and individuals with complex issues, often involving autism, gender identity, health issues, eating disorders, and mental health issues. These are not ongoing therapy, but are meant to support the development of a coordinated strategy of care. Follow-up or quarterly/ semi-annual consultations may be arranged after initial consultation.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Whether you are wanting help with trauma, life changes, relationships, anxiety, health, grief, anxiety, depression, identity, or sensory issues, somatic psychotherapy can offer something different from standard talk therapy or bodywork as it integrates both physical and psychological strategies. Often clients tell me that, after years of trying other therapies, the somatic psychotherapy work we do allows for deep and lasting change. This is especially true with issues that developed as result of trauma or early childhood experiences.

Whether you are looking for a gender specialist who can help you or your child explore issues of gender identity or expression, or you are a transgender or non-binary person who is looking for a therapist to help them with life issues without needing to be educated about trans experience, I am here for you. I also specialize in the overlap of transgender and autistic/neurodivergent experiences, and in working with the physical experience of transgender identity and with hormone and surgical transitions. Please see Transgender Resources for more support for who you are and who you are becoming.


Trauma is any experience that overwhelmed our internal and external resources. As children, we are much more susceptible to trauma as we do not yet have the agency or abilities to protect ourselves. Trauma response bypasses cognition and becomes locked in the body in patterns of bracing, activation, and dissociation that affect our health, our work and relationships. Somatic therapy, both with and without touch, is especially effective at resolving trauma and restoring natural resiliency and regulation. I am trained to work with all kinds of trauma, including accidents, assaults, surgeries, childhood abuse, shaming and neglect, oppression, and loss.

I am here to support and advocate for autistic and other neurodivergent people. I honor neurodivergent people as the experts on their minds and bodies. I will listen to what you or your children need, and make adjustments in my office and communication to support everyone in feeling comfortable in therapy. Common issues that my neurodivergent clients bring to therapy include: sensory overwhelm, social anxiety, frustration with trying to accomplish goals, relationship struggles, family and school issues, gender identity and sexuality. It's true what they say, "You've met one autistic person — you've met one autistic person." I create, with my clients, strategies that meet their particular needs and circumstances. My work with neurodivergent clients includes supporting my clients in finding and working with other health care and service providers. Please see Neurodiversity Resources for more support.

Relationship Issues

We spend all our lives trying to learn how to be ourselves and also be connected. Often it feels like the two work against each other. Almost everyone in therapy is working on relationship issues of one kind or another — whether it be with themselves, with partners, family members, friends or colleagues. I use somatic strategies to unearth attachment patterns, desires and fears, to develop flexible boundaries, and clear center and grounding that supports us in relationship.

I have a special interest in supporting autistic/neurodivergent people and transgender/ non-binary people in their relationship goals. I welcome all relationship styles including those with polyamorous relationships and relationships that include BDSM/kink.

Anxiety & Depression

People have as many things to say about anxiety and depression as they do about what you should eat and how you should exercise. While anxiety and depression are common experiences, the causes and solutions are also unique to each individual. For some, changes in environment and social justice action are important in resolution, for others the anxiety and depressive symptoms reveal physiological issues such as illnesses and hormonal imbalances, and for others, they present an opening to exploration of relational and societal wounding and healing. I listen to your experience and work with you to find the next steps toward healing and growth.


I consult with therapists, health providers and social service providers regarding neurodiversity, including client/patient collaborative assessment and care related to sensory issues, executive functioning, relationship, communication, anxiety and depression and co-existing issues with eating, sleeping and physical activity. I frequently consult with parents on re-thinking interpretations of behavior, adapting parenting strategies, and creating a home and community life that is supportive for everyone. I work with professionals to adapt office environments, intake procedures and interventions, communication to better meet their neurodivergent clients.

I also consult with health professionals working with neurodivergent and transgender clients as well as clients who have experienced trauma on strategies for reducing the trauma activation and increasing sense of safety and agency for clients or patients when they will be touched or receive physical or medical interventions.

I am offering an online, 1x/month, 6 month neurodiversity-affirming consultation group, July-December 2020. Contact me if interested in this or future groups.

Professional, Family and Community Workshops

I offer professional trainings and presentations from 1.5 to 4 hours in:

• Neurodiversity 101

• Working with neurodivergent clients to develop effective strategies for sensory, executive functioning, and communication challenges in a neurotypical world.

• Supporting Transgender Autistic Youth and Adults

• Somatic psychotherapy practices for working with neurodivergent and highly sensitive people

• Body-mind preparation and recovery strategies for medical interventions,  with neurodivergent and/or transgender individuals.

• Trauma physiology and neurodiversity

• Trauma physiology and gender and sexual diversity

I offer parent/caregiver workshops in:

• Supporting trans autistic children

• Parent and family growth and resilience

• Advocating for needs of trans autistic children and their families

I offer workshops for trans and autistic youth and adults in collaboration with local teen and adult trans and neurodivergent activists and artists in:


• Understanding neurotypicality and navigating the neurotypical world

• Developing strategies for self and community advocacy and leadership

• Creative expression for healing, advocacy and joy

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